Photo credit: Kathleen Eeg Photography

Photo credit: Kathleen Eeg Photography

For you. for me. for real.


Meet Tre

Born and raised in the upper Midwest, I grew up listening to everything. To me, there weren't any genres or labels, just songs I loved to listen to, sing along with, and eventually learn to play and perform. Over the years, I've been in all sorts of groups, performing all sorts of music, to all sorts of people. I loved it. Big stages, small stages, hell- sometimes even no stage at all. The thing is, writing, recording, playing and performing is in my blood. I don't want to change the world. I just want to make it bob its' head, move its' feet, and dig the music. Midwest Music.

For you. For me. For real.

Meet the Band

The Sidewalk Blues Boys are:

  • Matt Vernon (Lead Guitar/Vocals)
  • Phil Miller (Lead Guitar)
  • Santiago Fernandez-Gimenez (Bass/vocals)
  • Robert King (Drums)


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 Photo Credit: Jonika Stowes/MSR News

Photo Credit: Jonika Stowes/MSR News



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